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Our Mission

Today’s blind allegiance to a political figure, ideology, or party inspired the foundation of The Daily Centrist. Debate and compromise be damned; we have all the answers! When in reality, no one figure, ideology, or party can solve America’s issues.

The Daily Centrist provides an editorial-based outlet for critical analysis, commentary, and discussion from a political centrist perspective. We will explore all of the challenges that encompass our political landscape. Our endeavor is concentrated on civil discourse without discounting accountability. Less focus on partisan devotion and more on sensible solutions. We exist in an atmosphere so contentious that diversity of ideas is now blasphemy. Encouraging civility in our discourse should not be an eye-rolling concept. The Daily Centrist aims not to be political or policy advocates but sensibility advocates.

What is a centrist or centrism? The principle of avoiding either end of the political spectrum and ideological absolutes. A key aspect is to dispose of an all-or-nothing mentality and be pragmatic. Start by expressing a willingness to accept undesirable aspects of legislative proposals in exchange for the support of others. America is a centrist country supporting different ideals from different shades of the political spectrum. Aiming to garner genuine compromise should be encouraged. All proposals require evaluation and scrutiny to reach a successful outcome. Reasoned in reality and applicability is the route to positive change.

All Democrats are Marxists. All Republicans are insurrectionists. Sound familiar? It is the type of rhetoric that is growing in prevalence. The outlandish views expressed by a minority begin to encompass the perception of an entire party. Not all registered Democrats and Republicans share the opinions of those on either end of the political spectrum. 

Does ideological loyalty demand whatever our opposition proposes we shall oppose? Do not dare mention that sensible ideas originate throughout the political spectrum. Today’s partisan divide will object. This line of thinking has contributed to the heavily partisan and divisive rhetoric we see in our politics. Political polarization has reached dangerous highs. In today’s society, friendships and relationships are broken due to political differences. Unflattering labels are given to anyone who dares voice opposition to an opinion.

Genuine congressional deliberation is boarding on extinction. Meet our demands; otherwise, we will disengage or, if applicable, pursue a procedural shortcut. Abandoning discussions altogether until a partisan path forward presents itself is not only counterproductive but regrettable. 

Intraparty differences have taken center stage over the years. Not seeing eye to eye with party leadership should not be an offense. Being a member does not obligate one to commit to every agenda item or proposal endorsed by their party. Threats should never be utilized as a weapon to force conformity. Diverse views within a political party should be celebrated and embraced. Derogatory nicknames like Republican in name only (RINO) or Democrat in name only (DINO) are unnecessary.

In the end, without a middle ground, there will be no ground. A continuing back and forth hashing out the same issues yearly because the sole focus is on implementing a partisan agenda. Does that mean to come to the table with a blank slate? Of course not. Come forward with proposals but be ready to embrace alterations and alternatives. There is no acceptable reason why politicians cannot come to a compromise on the issues. There has to be a degree of willing compromise for a legislature to function correctly. It is a bipartisan problem in need of a bipartisan solution.

The Daily Centrist is not out to claim the mantle of superiority. Instead, we intend to contribute to a constructive dialogue.


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