Tara Setmayer: The Corrosion Of Conservatism with guest Max Boot

Tara is in Israel this week, but before she left, spoke with Max Boot about the insanity of the Trump administration. Boot is a...

Michael Steele: Too Dumb To Fail with guest Matt Lewis

With Michael Cohen's confession, Trump seems likely to take the GOP down yet another notch. Where will Pelosi lead the Dems? Michael discusses the...

Rick Ungar: Why Are Prescription Drug Prices So High? With guest Robin Feldman

Why Are Prescription Drug Prices So High? Rick tries to answer the question with Robin Feldman, author of the forthcoming book Drugs, Money, & Secret...

Trump’s Billion Dollar Loss: Baked in Baggage or Political Liability?

Will the NY Times' revelation about the President's billion dollar losses in the '80s and '90s move the needle politically in the run-up to 2020? And how does the "one million dollar loan" myth align with other representations about the administration's transparency?

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