We live in an age where news and opinion comes at you hard and, more times than not, from the extremes of the political spectrum.

While there is certainly no shortage of digital ink, audio and video dedicated to the opinions of the far right and far left, we know that most Americans “live” somewhere else- somewhere in the realm of the center-left and the center-right. If you doubt this, just walk up to one of your fellow Americans and ask them where they believe they fall on the ideological political spectrum. Seven times out of ten you are going to hear, “I’m socially progressive and fiscally conservative.” You’ll also hear, “I just want our problems to be openly and honestly solved.” And, almost to a person, you’ll learn that compromise is actually not a four-letter word for the overwhelming majority of our fellow country men and women.

Yet, there is shockingly little when it comes to sources dedicated to exploring intelligent policy, political theory, ideas and debates for the millions of Americans who identify as centrists, independents or just rational and reasonable thinkers.
We aim to resolve that.

Unlike so many other publications, the goal of “The Daily Centrist” is not to serve as a relay point for the talking points of a particular political side or pound you over the head with a political narrative. Our writers are chosen to intelligently present their perspective on a given political issue of the day, always with an eye towards how their viewpoint can actually be molded into sound policy through civil debate and solid research.

Similarly, our audio and video podcasts will be crafted not for those looking for a red meat pick-me-up but will be built to entertain and make the consumers of our site smarter and better informed.

Here at “The Daily Centrist” we aim to challenge the belief some hold that the center is, somehow, boring and dispassionate. We know very well that nothing could be further from the truth. We also know that making a meaningful point in the search for equally meaningful policy does not always have to be accompanied by exploiting cultural divides. Indeed, the history of our nation would suggest quite the opposite. Progress-and not in the progressive vs. conservative politics sense-has always come from people of good intent being willing to meet in the middle to move the world forward.

It is in that middle where we hope those who fall on the right and those who fall on the left can meet to make life better. And it will be the ideas coming from the center-left and center-right where we hope The Daily Centrist can make its contribution.

We hope you will agree.

Rick Ungar
The Daily Centrist