If the reports are to be believed, apparently our Congress has done the unthinkable and have come to an agreement on border security. I say this with sarcasm because, unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, any report of an agreement between the two parties in Congress and the President who is expected to sign off on the understanding, is usually about as accurate as what we’ve come to expect from the local weatherman.

The initial reaction from both sides has been…well…negative at best. No one seems to like the deal which, in my estimation, is the best evidence yet that it is actually a good deal.

I am going to level with you America.

If you are a Democrat, you may be looking at this deal as a loss because you are giving the President and Republicans some money for the wall and they will parade this around as a victory. If you are a Republican, you too are looking at this deal as a loss because the President is only getting maybe 20% of what he wanted for the wall and the 30 day shutdown surely wasn’t worth 20%.

But the truth is that a deal where nobody is happy, a deal where each side gets only a little bit of what they wanted may be a bad deal for the party professionals but is a great deal for the people you were elected to represent.

This sounds like an easy choice on paper but when each side openly hates the other, the idea of each side being okay with a compromise seems a million miles away.

Just like a couple going through a divorce who also have children, they have two choices to make during that divorce. Either you do what is best for the children or you do what is best for you. What gets in the way of parents making the right choice is hatred for the other person. They are so blinded by anger that they lose any empathy for the other person. They are so focused in on winning or having the upper hand, that they cannot see beyond their own feelings at the expense of their own children.

Whenever a parent plays to that in a divorce, the only people that win are them and the children lose every time.

Most parents in these situations are not bad people – they just have let their emotions get the best of them and their high-powered attorneys looking at their own interests, stoke the flames of their emotions even more to win.

This is what is going on in this country right now with our politicians.

The rancor and animosity that each side is leveling at each other has risen to such a level that they are openly mocking the other and making it to where you almost can’t let the other side win out of spite.

Then we have the media acting like attorneys for each side, fanning the flames for their own self-interest which makes the candidates even more spiteful and unwilling to compromise. It is an absolute joke because the only people that are losing are everyday average Americans.

So maybe the time has come for the politicians to start acting like the adults in the room and put aside your emotions and do what is best for this country. You can’t play this game like it’s a divorce because you can’t get a divorce and you have to work together for better or for worse.

If compromise is required for a healthy marriage between two people who chose to be with one another, it is surely important in the arranged marriage experienced by Members of Congress.

So why not do what most responsible adults do when the kids are involved?

Do what is best for America even if you fear it might make you look like you lost this skirmish. The American family will be far the better for it and that is, after all, the point of your political marriage.

Isn’t it?

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