Trump’s Billion Dollar Loss: Baked in Baggage or Political Liability?

Will the NY Times' revelation about the President's billion dollar losses in the '80s and '90s move the needle politically in the run-up to 2020? And how does the "one million dollar loan" myth align with other representations about the administration's transparency?

Hung Jury

Here’s what Donald Trump and I have in common: Neither one of us will ever read a single word of the...

Plastic Fantastic-How We Can Solve The Plastics Problem

What if I told you there is a solution to the plastics problem that also benefits our fuel needs? 


The Attorney General of the United States is a guy named William Barr. General Barr (that's the correct form of address)...

Kirstjen Nielson: You’re Fired!

On Sunday evening the word went forth from the White House that in the wake of a “tense” meeting with Donald Trump,...

Mr. President-Punishing Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador Will Only Make Our Immigration Problem Worse

President Trump announced this week that he has instructed the State Department to cut off all financial aid to the Northern Triangle of Central...


Let’s take a day off from kvetching and moaning about Robert Mueller and Donald Trump, and Adam Schiff and Lindsey Graham. It’s Opening Day....

That’s Over. Nothing’s Changed

The Mueller Report, like the 10 Commandments from Mount Sinai, has been delivered from 1730 M Street, NW. Our long national investigation, to misquote Gerald...

The Center Must Hold

News headlines, academic reports and troubling anecdotes highlighting the current division in American politics are now a daily occurrence. Not since the late 1960s...

Why, Mr. President?

Why? Even if everything Donald Trump has said about the late John McCain is true – and little of it is – why is Trump...






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