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  • One of the most significant issues in our politics is that everyone must be branded with a label. Even a degree of individualism in party politics is persona non grata.

    The Editorial Board May 1, 2022

The Daily Centrist

Perilous Path Forward

The Republican National Committee formally censured Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming. The vote was held during the party's annual meeting in Salt Lake City and received an overwhelming amount of support.

Reconciling Reality

Overpromising and underdelivering is a cornerstone of American politics. Campaign on sky-high aspirations followed by disappointment on unmet expectations. Sen. Chuck Schumer promised "bold change" in the wake of Democrats successfully taking control of the Senate and maintaining a slim majority in the House following the 2020 elections.

Build Back Smaller?

Democrats initially envisioned a transformative piece of legislation expanding the social safety net, increasing efforts to combat climate change, and revising tax policy. Instead, rough patches have continuously plagued negotiations between Manchin and his colleagues.

A New Can of Worms

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faced accusations of unintentionally assisting Democrats in eliminating the filibuster. His agreement with Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to ultimately allow Democrats to increase the debt ceiling on a simple majority vote was the subject of criticism due to fears of setting a new precedent.

Obstructing Common Sense

Congress was tasked with a December 15th deadline to resolve the debt ceiling dispute following a temporary extension in October. After weeks of negotiations and discussions, McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed on a two-step process to raise the debt ceiling.

Civility is Gone

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia appeared frustrated; some argue he was just tired during Sen. Chuck Schumer’s lambasting of Republicans on the Senate floor Thursday. Schumer’s comments followed a successful vote to temporarily increase the federal government’s $28.4 trillion debt limit.

Complicit Uniformity

What happened to the party of individualism and freedom? Freedom of expression is no longer acceptable if it does not fall precisely into said parameters. Is former President Donald Trump now this untouchable figure who, if you dare go against, you will be subject to condemnation?

Democracy of Convenience

All of a sudden, a demand for majoritarian democracy is in full throttle. The legislative filibuster has conveniently become the boogie man for most Democrats. They reference Jim Crow and the legislative filibuster’s history of obstructing civil rights legislation as their justification.

Our Mission

The Daily Centrist provides an editorial-based outlet for critical analysis, commentary, and discussion from a political centrist perspective. We will explore all of the challenges that encompass our political landscape. Our endeavor is concentrated on civil discourse without discounting accountability. Less focus on partisan devotion and more on sensible solutions. We exist in an atmosphere so contentious that diversity of ideas is now blasphemy. Encouraging civility in our discourse should not be an eye-rolling concept. The Daily Centrist aims not to be political or policy advocates but sensibility advocates.